5 Things You Should Know About Ventilation Ducts


Ventilation ducts may be considered as one of the most commonly neglected areas of the house especially when it comes to the time for spring-cleaning. Without using special equipment, it is difficult to clean thoroughly and a professional in order to properly clean the ventilation ducts. There are some important things that must be done when cleaning ventilation ducts.

1. Vent cleaning is not recommended to be done without an expert’s help. It is true that hiring a professional to perform vents and duct cleaning may be a bit expensive for some people, but a professional would likely be able to clean them properly with specific tools. You may try cleaning your vents and ducts, but you might end up cleaning only a fraction of the ducts that go through most homes. Also, duct and vent cleaning makes use of specialized equipment that is used by a licensed technician.

2. The most basic and probably the easiest way to keep your ducts clean is to change the filters every month. Filters tend to capture a large percentage of dust and debris in an HVAC system. If you want a better alternative for the filter, you may want to opt for an electrostatic filter that is much better at capturing minute particles and allergens.

3. The majority of the high-tech electric filters are more effective in capturing particles than regular fiberglass or electrostatic filters. Electric filters function by generating an electrostatic charge that draws in airborne particulates in greater proportions than a basic or standard filter . Some of them even have an added UV light component that eliminates specific common bacteria and fungal spores.

4. An anti-microbial spray to eliminate mold and fungi is a very common option that duct cleaning services provide. Although the presence of most mold or fungi may never affect you especially if you do not have mold allergies or severe respiratory condition, it is still recommended to have your ducts cleaned regularly. In terms of safety, most commercial sprays used by the industry have been considered safe, however, their role as a carcinogen is still debatable. If you have children, elderlies, or a member of your family who has a respiratory condition, it is suggested that you seek a doctor’s advice and an HVAC professional regarding using commercial sprays for mold and fungus.

5. Cleaning vents can be expensive, but it is worth the cost when it comes to your home and health. First, having a clean and clear ventilation system enhances the overall efficiency of HVAC systems, which in turn, saves you money. Cleaning ducts may also reduce health risks or diseases that could be caused by uncleaned ducts that have insects, molds, or fungi that you may not know about. Having a clean set of vents and ducts enhances the overall air quality of your home.

Following these tips will help to keep your home and health free of potentially harmful allergens.