ADP HE Series Indoor Evaporator Coils: The Premier Upgrade Over Standard Matched Coils


Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) started production in a 30,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Grenada, Mississippi. In just a few years, ADP has become a big company with a 379,000 square-foot modern facility and employs more than 700 staff every year. Now, ADP is the leading producer of residential evaporators coils in the United States and supplies more than 500 HVAC distributors at over 3,000 points of distribution across the country.

ADP and Baker Distributing Company work hand in hand in delivering the best products for HVAC/R professionals and contractors in North America. In its more than 70 years in the industry, Baker Distributing has established its leadership in the industry by providing the best brands for the residential, commercial, and industrial requirements of HVAC/R professionals and contractors. Baker Distributing also provides excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Baker Distributing has a wide range of high-quality indoor HVAC/R products such as the HE Series Premier Indoor Evaporator Coils from ADP Healthy Solutions. The HE Series multi-position coils are the right indoor evaporator coils for low height applications. The HE Series coils feature excellent furnace fit, space-saving opportunities, and have different heights and widths.

Advantages of Healthy Solutions Premier Evaporator Coils by ADP:

  • Improved Air Quality – Every Health Solutions coil features Microban technology which provides added protection against the build-up of mold and mildew within the system.
  • Lower Height – ADP provides space-saving opportunities and a perfect fit with your furnace.
  • Protection – ADP is the exclusive provider of coils that have antimicrobial product protection by Microban, a distinguished consumer brand.
  • Quality – The ADP propriety testing technology guarantees leak-free performance at the higher operating pressures of R-410A systems.
  • Service – Healthy Solutions coils are made for seamless installation and easy access.
  • Energy Savings – A lot of system models are available to achieve higher SEER levels for ENERGY STAR compliance, utility rebates, and federal tax credits.

* Warranty – Healthy Solutions coils provide a 10-year limited warranty.

ADP HE Series Premier Indoor Evaporator Coils Features:

  • Coils are air pressure tested at 500 psi, leak tested with helium, sealed with rubber plugs, then charged with dry air.
  • Piston options include an externally accessible body for easy piston change out and/or TXV installation.
  • Liquid line refrigerant connections are 3/8” ODF.
  • Suction line refrigerant connections are 3/4” ODF (A-Coil 18-36 size models) or 7/8” ODF (A-Coil 42-60 size models and all Horizontal Slab-Coils).
  • Suction line refrigerant connections are 1.125” on slab numbers E43, E46, E56, and E65 for size 42 models and higher.
  • Copper refrigerant connections for easy brazing on both copper and aluminum slab models.
  • Cased coils are fully lined with 5/8” foil faced insulation.
  • Optional painted or embossed galvanized steel cabinets.
  • Corrosion-resistant coil header plates.
  • All A-Coils are upflow, downflow, and left or right airflow-capable.
  • All multi-position coils are upflow, downflow, and left or right airflow- capable.
  • Cabinet insulation holds down tabs for easy drain pan removal.
  • Interlocking doors reduce air leakage and allow for easy access.
  • Enhanced refrigerant pipe grommets: secure, tight, and easy to install.
  • Foam drain seal for reduced air leakage.
  • All multi-position coils are field convertible from horizontal right-to-left airflow and horizontal left-to-right airflow.
  • HydroTEC low water retention drain pan.

With over 200 locations in 23 states, each Baker Distributing Sales Center is staffed by the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented people in the industry. With a complete inventory of HVAC/R products and technical assistance, Baker Distributing’s Sales Centers can provide you with the products and information you need to make your job more efficient. For more information, visit or download the Baker Assist App on your mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and cellphones via Google Play and Apple App Store.