Asset Score Partnership Program Announced


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that it recently made new partnerships with 21 companies, state and local governments, and federal agencies to promote and encourage the use of DOE’s Building Energy Asset Scoring Tool, or the Asset Score.

First introduced and released in 2014, the Asset Score is a free, web-based software tool that determines instances or opportunities to enhance the energy efficiency of an establishment’s structure and energy-related systems. As of this writing, the said tool has been utilized on 825 commercial and multifamily residential buildings across the United States with a total of over 83 million square feet.

Dr. Kathleen Hogan, the Deputy Assistant Secretay for Energy Efficiency of DOE said, “DOE congratulates each of these partners for their outstanding commitment to energy efficiency and their leadership in demonstrating the value of the Asset Score. As its use in the marketplace continues to grow, the Asset Score will help uncover building energy improvement opportunities that expand national energy efficiency awareness, create American jobs, and reduce utility expenses for businesses nationwide.”

The participants in the Asset Score National Leadership Network promised to either promote Asset Score by conducting educational activities, working with DOE to produce a case study, or use the Asset Score on 10 establishments. On the other hand, DOE committed to giving technical assistance to help these commitments that will take place throughout this year.

Some of the participants include companies and organizations such as JBG Companies, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Steven Winter Associates, U.S. General Services Administration, Performance Systems Development, and Liberty Property Trust.

The announcement regarding the launch of the Asset Score Preview was also made by the DOE. It is the latest feature with the Asset Score that helps users perform simple energy efficiency analysis just by entering a few data points of their building. The Asset Score Preview users then get a score range on the Asset Score scale.