The Baker HVAC Contractor Assist Mobile App: HVAC Shopping Made Easy


Baker Distributing Company, one of the most trusted and leading distributors of HVAC equipment, parts, and supplies is committed to providing its client’s unmatched services and products that suit residential and commercial equipment. Baker strives to bring convenience and ease of use to customers ordering parts and supplies. The company introduced the HVAC Contractor Assist Mobile App to provide tools for the technicians in the field.

Baker’s HVAC Contractor Assist Mobile App is considered the “All-in-one survival tool” for the HVAC technician. The App highlights various features and functions that are carefully created and designed to help the technician in placing orders, comprehensive lists, fast lookup QR code scanning, product specifications and refrigerant charts. The App also includes a built-in flashlight for those dark work areas.

The Baker App’s best features
New Multi-Language Support – Clients can set the language of the App to over 24 language settings

Warranty Lookup – Technicians can check the validity period of equipment through this feature. This also shows important warranty information and service history just by entering the serial number of the equipment.

Product Availability, Parts List, and Documents – Technicians can find all the details and availability of a product.

E-commerce Integration – Busy technicians can place their orders directly from their mobile devices directly from the job site.

What You Need to Know About Baker’s Mobile Application

1. After you download the app, simply register your device. Just fill in the details that include your preferred branch location. Enable ‘Current Location’ to determine the products that are available near your area.

2. The red dot with a number on the envelope means that you received a message from Baker in the ‘Message Center.’ You will receive updates regarding promotions, information on new products, changes in service hours, and exclusive specials for App users only.

3. In the main menu, you can navigate through all the features of the app and start your online shopping by searching for the product that you are looking for simply enter the ‘Product Number’ or a description of the product to see the availability at a nearby Baker branches. The ‘Search History’ icon enables you to look at the past searches for click the barcode icon to scan a barcode.

4. You can then tap on the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon to buy the item.

5. The ‘Equipment Bill of Materials’ section of the app lets you see all the different components for a product that you are interested in.

6. To check the warranty of a product, you can go to the ‘Warranty Lookup’ tab on the app and enter the product number to see the warranty coverage details.

7. The ‘Compressor Cross-Reference’ feature lets you see the replacements or alternatives for compressors. Select the compressor from the list by entering the product number to check the specifications and product availability.

8. The ‘Pressure Temperature Calculator’ is where you can look up the temperature and pressure settings for your refrigerants. You can also add new refrigerants from settings by selecting the ‘Manage Favorite Refrigerants’ icon and you will see a list of refrigerants that you can add. In order to calculate temperature or pressure, enter a value in one of the boxes and the calculation is done automatically.

Baker Mobile App Features for Your Convenience
1. Branch Locator – You can find the nearest branch in your area by both list and map mode. Tap on any branch to see more information or for directions.

2. Handy Flashlight Tool – This tool can help you out when you are working in the dark.

3. Feedback – Customers’ satisfaction is vital to the company. Technicians can send feedback or requests about the Baker App.

The Baker HVAC Contractor Assist Mobile App is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It can be downloaded on Google Play, Apple App store or Amazon. The Baker App is free to download.

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