Benefits of Larkin’s 1/2-6 HP with Scroll Compressor Air-Cooled Condensing Unit


Larkin is a leading brand in the commercial refrigeration industry and provides climate-control solutions in over 70 countries worldwide. Starting with the first heat transfer coil design, the company has focused on paving the way in refrigeration using the latest technology. Baker Distributing’s Larkin Compressors can be ordered online at the Baker website, or ordered at any one of the Baker Distributing Sales Centers nationwide.

Baker offers Larkin’s 1/2-6 HP with Scroll Compressor Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Unit. These systems have several exclusive features such as HyperCore microchannel coil technology, optional factory-installed Smart Defrost Kit (SDK), and optional variable speed EC (VSEC). Larkin manufactured this equipment to be energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, uses less refrigerant, reduces noise, cut operational costs, and enhance durability and system performance.

Product Overview
Variable Speed EC Motors with Orbus Controller manages the speed of motors related to loads. By selecting this option, the equipment will have stable head pressure and fast response to load changes. This enhances system performance, provides optimized compressor durability, product integrity, and lessens energy consumption.

Benefits of Scroll Compressors a solid Larkin/Baker Product:
Efficiency –Save up to 30 percent less energy than an equivalent reciprocating hermetic compressor.
Reliability – A scroll compressor has 85 percent fewer moving parts, it considerably cuts down failure points and provides a longer compressor life.
Reduced Noise – A scroll compressor is up to 10dB quieter compared to a reciprocating compressor.
Tried and Tested – Scroll compressors have been available in the market saving consumers costs.

Benefits of HyperCore Microchannel Coil Technology
Structurally Strong – The HyperCore microchannel coil is thoroughly rigid and damage-resistant.
Corrosion Resistant – It outlasts the usual copper-aluminum round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils with an epoxy coating.
Lesser costs and refrigerant charge – It results in approximately 40 percent reduction in refrigerant needs and costs because the microchannel coils need roughly 75 percent less refrigerant than RTPF coils.
Environmentally friendly – It’s 100 percent recyclable, multi-refrigerant compatible, and aids in reducing the probability of ozone depletion and global warming.
Warranty – It comes with a two-year warranty.

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