Brown Technical Media Corp. Introduces First eLearning-Based Course for HVAC Technicians


Brown Technical Corp. has announced that it has done an exclusive distribution and publishing agreement with The Training Center of Air Conditioning and Heating. This project will bolster Brown’s method of utilizing virtual reality in the eLearning segment of its business. Brown Technical Media Corp. is a division of Panther Biotechnology.

According to an article published by theNews, Brown is disrupting the industry of technical vocations training and certification by developing a full-service training and career advancement brand in the technical fields. This development also signals the launch to disrupt the HVAC space. Furthermore, Brown is changing the old training techniques by creating learning methods with modern virtual reality technology. Brown is paving a way to introduce virtual reality environment based training into technical skill trades and aims that it will impact the health care, medicine, engineering, and science professions. According to Goldman Sachs, the VRE software market is predicted to reach the $35 billion mark by 2025.

Presently, HVAC service technicians are trained in instructional classrooms and work labs.Brown has resources in replicating the Chris Walters educational process for online delivery. Together with Chris Walters, a video production team has been working on creating different HVAC eLearning products which include a complete HVAC technician course.

Jocynda Rodriguez, the Lead Editor of Brown Publications HVAC said, “Chris Walters is a world-class technician with decades of field experience turned master instructor of the HVAC industry. His unique teaching style produces technicians who are sought after by employers in the Houston metro market.”

The CEO of Panther, Evan Levine stated, “Our innovation could not have come at a more opportune time. Currently, one-third of all nationally skilled tradesmen are over fifty-five years of age and retiring at an accelerated rate, and, unfortunately, there are not enough skilled tradesmen to replace them.”

Panther President and COO Noah Davis also added, “Portable, eLearning-based VREs can reach out to a larger trainee population in a cost-effective manner while providing new learning experiences that are far more price competitive to deliver. Students who struggle to pass their respective state level exams to become a licensed tech will find VREs as an attractive learning assist tool given their rich, interactive environment. Brown will continue to upgrade the vocational training vertical with proven technology for their intended applications.”

The eLearning course will be featured in a 3D virtual reality segment that enables students to experience the lab in the comfort of their own homes. Brown will also be launching a new website aimed to cater to HVAC contractors and technicians.

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