BuildingIQ Launches New M&V Service


BuildingIQ has recently announced the availability of a measurement and verification (M&V) service that will let building owners and operators systematically determine the effectiveness of energy saving measures. This is one way of ensuring qualification for utility or organizational savings incentives.

The new service from BuildingIQ is called Automated Measurement & Verification (AM&V). The AM&V complies with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) procedures. AM&V is created to make measurement and verification fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Teddy Kisch, the Senior Project Manager of Energy Solutions, said, “Automating data gathering and making M&V calculations transparent can reduce project costs and improve confidence in the energy savings.” Kisch also emphasized the advantage of such technology saying, “Incorporating automated M&V protocols into a platform solution like BuildingIQ offers, is a critical component of next-generation building technologies and will someday be ubiquitous for many energy consuming devices.”

Energy Solutions is a clean energy consulting company that carries out a 25-building pilot with the assistance from BuildingIQ and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The 25-building pilot aims to establish customer confidence by creating supply chain infrastructure to determine intelligently-managed building energy services across the state.

According to the Product Vice President of BuildingIQ, Sampath Gomatam, “M&V is an essential component of sustained energy efficiency and sustainability. The decision to develop AM&V as both a standalone service and as an element of our premium offerings was driven by the notion that energy efficiency is a continuous, dynamic, and complex effort; making it imperative that companies adopt platforms that learn and self-correct.”

AM&V uses a methodology that is consistent and repeatable. The process effectively rules out human error inherent in usual M&V practices. Practices include data collection, baseline prediction output, baseline creation, non-routine adjustments, and savings calculations. The baseline models of AM&V are strictly reviewed and undergo periodic quality assurance.

Gomatam added, “With all functionality built into BuildingIQ’s 5i cloud-based platform, measurement and verification is automated in an easy-to-use and transparent way. AM&V allows stakeholders to evaluate system performance without costly and time-consuming third party analysis, and yet provides complete transparency to outside auditors by making all of those building blocks available as auditor’s needs arise.”

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