BuildingIQ’s New Managed Services Launched


A new Managed Services package by BuildingIQ, a leading energy optimization software company, has been announced by the said company. It is comprised of four offerings, and it assures the continuous health of an establishment’s HVAC system by leveraging the company’s operations team to advance present assets, solve inefficiencies, improve occupant comfort, and have additional transparency into energy savings. The package is also created to further advance the energy-saving capabilities of its Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) platform that make use of improved algorithms and predictive analytics to automatically decrease HVAC energy usage in commercial buildings.

The Managed Services offerings are currently available to both new and existing clients. It can also either be carried out as a standalone service on the platform or in combination with the PEO. Below are the package’s offerings:

1. Comfort Command Center – A team of experts in BuildingIQ will assess, handle, and expedite solutions for the occupant comfort complaints, thus freeing up essential time for building personnel. BuildingIQ will also prevent grievances, detect root causes, and cooperate with the onsite building staff to fix any issues.

2. Remote HVAC Controls Rcx – This is available as a one-time or as-needed service. This offering also gives an accurate assessment of an establishment’s HVAC controls system. This will also make the applicable adjustments to return the operations to peak performance levels. Results may vary, but efficiency is expected to improve by as much as 15 percent from this assessment.

3. HVAC Controls Uptime Assurance – BuildingIQ will continuously monitor performance for every level of operations, including the entire establishment and individual controls throughout the whole day through a cloud-based remote access. This will determine any inefficiencies that degrade the performance of the building. BuildingIQ will then work with the personnel assigned in the building to maintain good performance.

4. Predictive Load Forecasting and Analysis – BuildingIQ provides daily assessments that include details on how an establishment is consuming energy. Customers will also get notifications that explain how the establishment performed, its comparison to the expectations of the establishment, and a performance evaluation for the next 24 hours as a part of its service. The information derived from the data gathering can make the assessment of the impact of operational decisions easier for the operations team. It can also determine anomalies and develop strategies for the future.

BuildingIQ said that the customers will not only have access to the newest and most modern intelligent energy management software but also connect with a fleet of industry experts who can support and improve an establishment’s present operations. Therefore, its clients can ensure that they are getting the greatest energy and monetary savings possible.

Micahel Nark, the CEO of BuildingIQ said, “BuildingIQ’s PEO platform has saved millions of dollars in energy costs for our commercial clients, all with minimal human intervention after setup. Our new Managed Services not only aim to optimize an extension of the facility’s on-site team and we are confident we will be able to increase both energy and cost savings for current and future clients.”