Carini Heating and Air Conditioning Receive HERO Program Award


San Diego-based Renovate America’s administered program called the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) has launched a new award for contractors who work with the program to install renewable energy, water-conserving technology, and energy efficiency in homes. For the new award, contractors will be nominated for the “Above and Beyond Award” by clients who directly respond to the HERO program.

The first recipient of the Above and Beyond Award is Carini Heating and Air Conditioning, a registered HERO contractor and is located in Point Loma and caters to its customers in the greater San Diego area. It was nominated by homeowner Jenni Russ.

Russ nominated Carini Heating and Air Conditioning because of her great experience with the company. According to her, she hired Carini to help her solve her cooling and heating needs. Gabriel Carini then suggested a modern mini-split system on a rain barrel to collect the condensation to water her plants.

“I opened the front door, and they immediately said they smelled gas. One of the men went under the house and discovered that the old gas line had not been turned off completely. These were repaired immediately. I had recently had a new roof put on the house, and to my great surprise, when they entered the attic to start the installation they found two broken beams. Carini continued to work on what they could do and repair was begun on the beam. Everything was completed on schedule, thanks to Gabe Carini and his men. I would highly recommend Gabe and his company to anyone. His work ethic and attention to details are outstanding. He’s the greatest.”

Nick Fergis, the COO of Renovate America said, “We work with both our homeowners and our contractors to help ensure quality customer service and protection. With the Above and Beyond nominations coming solely from homeowners, exceptional contractors are honored for the work they do in the field even when we aren’t there. The HERO program is ready to step in when a homeowner is not satisfied, so we are proud to honor contractors who truly go above and beyond in ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Those who wish to nominate their contractors for the Above and Beyond Award on energy efficiency, water efficiency, or renewable energy home improvement may do so through the Facebook page of HERO.