Clean Energy Industries Now Employ More Than 3 Million Americans


Based on 2016 data recently published by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in its second yearly “U.S. Energy and Employment Report,” clean energy companies support over three million American jobs. This is approximately equivalent to the employment of retail stores in the United States, and twice as many jobs as those involved in the construction industry.

AchrNews reported that the groups involved in the clean energy companies made the announcement on the same day they orchestrated a national social media campaign. The said campaign aims to encourage companies and workers to share their employment stories and give prominence to these developing industries. These industries offer good-paying jobs, from equipment installation and maintenance to sales and information technology.

The CEO of Advanced Energy Economy, one of the organizers of the #CleanEnergyJobs campaign, Graham Richard said, “Today, our organizations, member companies, and their workers are celebrating all the people who make up the clean energy industries and the positive impact that we have on the U.S. economy. We are excited to bring visibility to our share of more than three million people who work today in advanced energy across our nation.”

Kateri Callahan, the President of Alliance to Save Energy added, “People often do not realize that energy efficiency is such a huge job creator, It supports about three times as many jobs as the mining industry, and, unlike that sector, it is growing and creating good-paying jobs like weatherizing homes and manufacturing high-efficiency appliances or building materials. And the best news is there’s just enormous opportunity to expand this work and create more jobs with smart efficiency policies and incentives.”

DOE’s “U.S. Energy and Employment Report” stated that the clean energy industry contributed more than three million jobs across the country last year including the following:

  • Approximately 2.2 million workers who make buildings, appliances, and other products more energy efficient, which makes families and businesses save money.
  • There are more than 600,000 workers who are involved with clean power generation that includes biomass, biogas, fuel cells, geothermal, hydropower, nuclear, natural gas, solar, waste-to-energy, and wind.
  • An additional of 200,000 jobs are supported by advanced transportation that includes hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicles.

The report concluded that these jobs resulted from the continuous growth and development of clean energy products and services in the country.

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