Dates and Locations for 2016 BIM Workshops Announced


BIM Workshops, a regional technology training conference for building information modeling (BIM) technology training, has announced its 2016 lineup of dates and locations. The workshops are hosted by U.S. CAD, and according to the organization, it is expanding its multi-city footprint to include Las Vegas.

Below are the schedules and locations of the 2016 BIM Workshops:

Las Vegas – May 5, 2016
Orang County, California – June 9, 2016
Omaha, Nebraska – August 4, 2016
Honolulu, Hawaii – October 20, 2016
Phoenix – October 27, 2016

The 2016 BIM Workshops will continue to showcase established speakers and experts from the engineering, architecture, and construction industries.

Some of the key changes to the 2016 events include the following:

1. A condensed one-day event that reduces attendees’ time spent away from work, offers a more affordable price point and provides more class options for selection.

2. Improved lab sessions where the attendees can bring their own laptops that can provide a more familiar desktop experience for the attendees to learn intermediate and advanced-level skills.

According to Danny Counts, CEO of the U.S CAD, “We look forward to expanding the BIM Workshops to Las Vegas to serve growing demands and needs of this unique BIM community. This region is home to some of the most sophisticated and complex projects in the hospitality industry, and we are excited to bring this high-quality training conference here.”

According to Bim Workshop’s Facebook page, it originally started as the Central States Revit workshop, and it expanded to three events across the United States. The board members of Central State Revit Workshop wanted to create an opportunity for those Revit users in the Midwest that do not get the chance to travel to Autodesk University and the Revit Technology Conferences to get the same kind of training at an affordable rate. The workshops are focused to attracting intermediate and Advanced Revit Users. The mission of the company states that it strives to encourage and support the use of Revit-based software as a viable BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution for architects, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors. The workshop wants to bring together both students and professionals in an effort to expand our collective knowledge of Revit.