Different Types of Vent Covers for your Home


Vent covers are important elements in ventilation systems. However, one must be able to determine the type of vent cover and how it can be used to have maximum comfort inside your home. It is also good to learn how to manage the cost he spends on his electricity bills.

Vent covers redirect the air flow from the ventilation system to where it is needed. Areas that need cooling or heating should have vents left open in order to have a greater impact on your comfort level and increase your energy savings each month. Choosing the right vent cover for your home or establishment is also important. Below are the three main types of vent covers that are most commonly used today.

Basic vent covers
– This type can be commonly seen in apartments, office buildings, and townhomes. They are normally inexpensive. They are simple metal grates that sit above the vents made to redirect air away from the vent and around the room, but air often flows in areas that do not necessarily need it because basic vent covers do not have a very tight seal. When the air escapes in places that do not require it, the air pressure and temperature modification powers of the air where it is needed is reduced.

Magnetic vent covers – They are airtight and fairly modular. Magnetic vent covers are usually fitted over basic vent covers and pick up the residue that basic vent covers leave. This type can also be painted to match the local décor of a home or office.

Decorative vent covers
– They are very easy and simple to install and are not usually expensive. These can be used if someone wants to make an impression with a room and need to cover those ugly grates. There is a huge variety of decorative vent covers available in decorative metals and grille patterns.

The durability and efficiency of these types of vent covers have made them favorites for many commercial buildings and residential establishments. The easy installation process and maintenance make these vent covers even more worthy of being considered in residential and commercial places. One can stay indoors in complete comfort when these vent covers are installed on walls or in the ceiling.

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