Emanate Wireless Introduces PowerPath Temp


The launch of Emanate Wireless’ newest solution, PowerPath Temp, a health care refrigeration monitoring device that can identify and provide advance notice of potential equipment failure has been announced by the company.

Neil Diener, the Chief Executive Officer of Emanate Wireless said, “Today’s devices monitor the temperature of refrigerators and let health care industry employees known when temperatures fall out of spec. our newest device, PowerPath Temp, monitors AC power in addition to temperature parameters. That means it is capable of notifying health care workers before there is a problem.”

The company also stated that this latest product offers the opportunity to preserve expensive or even irreplaceable items for the health care industry such as vaccines, human organs and tissues, and pharmaceuticals, items that usually require constant temperature storage.

Through monitoring the AC power current, the PowerPath Temp is able to detect laboring compressors and alert maintenance personnel before refrigeration fails. The alert is done through a browser-based dashboard or mobile application. Through this, the device can help in saving thousands of dollars, and even in saving lives.

“Imagine having to explain to an organ or tissue recipient that a donated product has spoiled. Now, imagine never having to. That is the difference this product will make for some people. We could not be more proud to bring it to the market, and I could not be more proud of our engineering team for creating it,” Diener added.

According to the company, the PowerPath Temp can be installed easily. It can be mounted on the side of a health care or pharmaceutical freezer or refrigeration and gets plugged in between an AC outlet and the freezer’s or refrigerator’s plug. The temperature probe of the device can be inserted behind the door seal or from the back of the freezer‘s or refrigerator’s plug.

Such monitoring device can also monitor other conditions like whether a door has been left open, a situation that can cause problems for health care providers. The device is equipped with a rechargeable, lifetime battery and Wi-Fi technology. It also boasts of low-energy Bluetooth technology to communicate to the PowerPath mobile application.