Features and Contents to Include in an HVACR E-Commerce Site


Competition in any businesses cannot really be prevented since there are many companies that offer the same products and services. One business cannot just rely on the physical stores that they have to generate sales for their businesses. They must step up the game especially in the marketing and customer service fields in order to get ahead of the competition.

For example, in the HVAC-R industry, sellers and distributors should know how to win the hearts of their potential buyers. They can try to offer special promos or discounts to their clients to encourage the customers to buy from them. They can also provide additional services like equipment maintenance if the item was purchased from their stores, or set up an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce website so that their items can be easily marketed.

Just like other e-commerce pages, an HVAC-R website should contain and include some features that are helpful in attaining the goal of the company to provide information and drive sales by the use of the Internet. To build a website that would attract more potential buyers, here are some of the design features and contents that the website must have.

Determine and categorize all the products and services that you offer. It is important that a product or service is easily found when one searches for it on the Internet or on your website. Instead of just indicating on your website that you sell HVAC-R products, supplies, and parts, it would be better if you also have several categories in which each product can be seen. It would also be better if there are separate or different pages for each category for ease of browsing.

Make sure that you have the actual photos and product information posted on the website. This will help the buyers determine the right product that they need based on their product requirements. Also, indicate the price of each item and if possible, have a Product Comparison feature to help the buyer compare the prices and features of some items if he is still undecided of what to buy.

If you have HVAC Certifications, indicate or display it on your website to let the potential customers know that you are a trustworthy and an expert in the HVAC-R field. Most, if not all clients, prefer making transactions with certified professionals and experts to those who are not fully capable of providing them quality products and services. This will increase not only your sales but also your credibility in the market.

Indicate the terms and conditions of buying online from your website or the processes that must be done in order to check or have a certain equipment repaired or parts and supplies to be returned or exchanged. This is for a quick and easy turnaround of products and services, and to avoid hassles on the part of both the client and company.

Provide a FAQs section so the public will know the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions that they may also have in mind. Research and find out the top questions regarding HVAC-R in general and try to give brief but informative answers to those questions.

Lastly, it is important to write the terms of service and terms of payment on the website for easier reference. Also, if possible, add a Live Chat feature and make Customer Service available 24/7 to help your customers at any time.

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