Get to Know the Overall Versatility of TRUaire’s 560M White Square Ceiling Directional Diffuser


TRUaire is one of the leading HVAC register and grille manufacturers in the United States. The company began operations in 1984 in a 35,000 square foot warehouse in Vernon, California. TRUaire manufactures thousands of high quality residential and commercial grilles, registers, and diffusers. TRUaire products offer the best high capacity residential diffusers in the market with options that suit the customers’ preferences.

One of the distributors TRUaire trust is Baker Distributing Company. Baker is an expert in the HVAC/R industry with more than 70 years of unparalleled performance and excellent customer service. Baker is committed to satisfying its customers’ heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and food service requirements.

The ceiling diffusers from TRUaire are made to bring overall versatility to any drywall or sheetrock ceiling installation. TRUaire diffusers are made with top-quality extruded aluminum and can be arranged in various configurations.

One of the many TRUaire products available through Baker is the TRUaire 560M White Square Ceiling Directional Diffuser. The blade design of this item is unusually wide specifically to allow large volumes of air to move through them.

Features of TRUaire 560M White Square Ceiling Directional Diffuser:
* High-quality steel or aluminum components
* Rivets installed after assembly for the smoothest operation
* Blade and linkage components individually powder-coated before assembly
* Easy-to-use filter grille latch is powder-coated before installation and requires no screwdriver to open
* Wide blade design
* Single lever operated multi-louver shutter
* Multi-shutter dampers – The most common steel damper mechanism used in TRUaire’s registers. When the owner opens or closes the damper, the parallel blades move in union, which affect the direction of the airflow
* Four-way diffusion
* Durable white powder coat finish

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