Give Your House Proper Ventilation with Owens Corning’s Air Handling Insulation Solutions


Owens Corning began operations in 1938 and has been one of the leading producers of commercial and residential building materials. The company offers air handling insulation solutions, such as insulation and roofing shingles, glass-fiber reinforcements, and engineered materials for composite systems.

Owens Corning partnered with Baker Distributing Company to have their products reach a wider range of customers, who need quality products for their commercial or residential needs. Baker is a leading distributor of HVAC/R equipment and has been in the industry for more than 70 years. Baker offers various product lines with competitive pricing and superior customer service.

Owens Corning’s air handling insulation solutions are available in Baker branches across the United States. All of Owen Corning’s air handling solutions are certified by Scientific Certification systems, and have a minimum of 57 percent recycled glass content. They are certified to meet indoor air quality (IAQ) standards under the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification Program.

Owens Corning’s RAFT-R-MATE Rafter Vents
The RAFT-R-MATE of Owens Corning is a polystyrene sheet-shaped rafter vent that keeps the attic or rafter cavity insulation from covering eave or soffit vents. It also prevents the attic or rafter cavity insulation from broadening, to fill cavity airways and restrict airflow. This product is essential to make sure that proper ventilation is provided and prevents deterioration of the roofing materials, deck insulation, and interior ceiling finishes.

Advantages of Owens Corning’s RAFT-R-MATE Rafter Vents:
– Maintain ventilation through the thickest part of insulation
– Reduce heating and cooling costs
– Improve year-round comfort
– Increase the life of the roof
– Durable and break-resistant
– Resists moisture, will not rot or deteriorate
– Install quickly and easily
– Work in both new and retrofit construction

Other Air Handling Insulation Solutions from Owens Corning:
EcoTouch® Insulation for Flexible Duct – a lightweight, flexible, resilient thermal and acoustical insulation made of inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin.

QuietR® Rotary Duct Liner – improves indoor air quality by absorbing noise in sheet metal ducts and enhances indoor comfort by lowering heat loss or gain via duct walls.

QuietR® Duct Liner Board – a bonded board of glass fibers developed to be installed inside sheet metal ductwork or plenums with metal fasteners and adhesives.

QuietR® Duct Board – a solid, resin-bonded fibrous glass board with a tough, damage-resistant, flame retardant, reinforced aluminum foil facing.
SOFTR® Duct Wrap FRK – a blanket of glass fiber insulation factory-laminated to FRK vapor retarder facing.

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