Heatcraft Introduces New Contractor Certification Program


Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration is boosting the value of its service training programs by presenting its Certified Contractor Program to competent service contractors and individual technicians. Heatcraft is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, components, and service solutions.

TheNews reported that technicians and contractors who are able to complete the training and pass the certification examinations will be able to improve their credibility as qualified and trusted resource persons for high-quality service on modern and advanced commercial refrigeration equipment. Furthermore, certified contractors will be given exclusive access to benefits such as nationwide recognition by being listed on the Heatcraft website, get future training discounts, and gain access to the Heatcraft Commercial Finance Program. This program provides financing solutions for their end-users.

Heatcraft Director of Parts Sales and Warrant Administration Ray Clarke said, “As refrigeration products become more complex to comply with pending regulations for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, customers need to know their Heatcraft systems can be installed and serviced by certified contractors and technicians who are up to date on our technology and have priority access to parts and factory experts.”

He further stated, “To start, we are focusing on training for our proprietary refrigeration controls with expansion to other products to follow. We want our customers, wholesalers, and the service industry to know this is part of our ongoing strategy to deliver value-added products and services to our end-users.”

The report also mentioned that the first technical training for the Certified Contractor Program will discuss the best-practice methods for the installation. Programming, troubleshooting, and maintenance on three proprietary control systems namely the Beacon II Refrigeration System, Quick Response Controller (QRC), and SMART Controller II.

Service companies and refrigeration contractors must be licensed and insured to qualify for the program. They should also sustain at least one Heatcraft-certified technician at every location. Those who are interested in participating in the program must have at least five years of commercial refrigeration experience and must pass a pre-qualification test on how much they know about basic commercial refrigeration. They must also accomplish all certification courses on Heatcraft proprietary equipment and pass all the exams.

“Our end-user customers, including food service, food retail, and cold storage operations, often ask us for referrals to competent service contractors in their geographic areas. We will now be able to increase their confidence and trust in Heatcraft by referring them to factory-certified contractors and technicians,” Clarke added.

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