Honeywell Smart Thermostats and IFTTT Integration Starts


Honeywell has announced a new channel on IFTTT to help their clients to better manage their Honeywell thermostats and to make them feel more comfortable and the devices more useful and helpful to them. IFTTT is a widely-used web-based software application that lets the users make series of simple conditional statements, which are also called recipes, and are triggered depending on changes to other web services.

By making use of the IFTTT and Honeywell integration, consumers can now link and control their Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostats automatically with the help of easy-to-use recipes. A recipe for this matter is a simple formula created around the idea “If This happens, Then That occurs.” in order to manage their devices, Honeywell clients can visit the Honeywell Connected Thermostat Channel on IFTTT and they can add recipes that will trigger custom features and scenarios for free. These scenarios and features include the following:

1. Smart responses – The thermostat will turn off the cooling system if the temperature outside reaches a particular point.

2. Geofencing – The thermostat can adjust to a certain temperature of you enter or leave a designated or assigned location.

3. Time-based programming – The thermostat lowers the temperature if your digital calendar shows that you are travelling.

Jeremy Eaton, the President of Honeywell Connected Home said, “We know that 90 percent of Americans have a desire to automate their homes in some ways and are clamoring for new ways to be in control of and in sync with everything that happens with their homes. With Honeywell Recipes on IFTTT, consumers can now use and connect with their thermostats even more easily, however, and whenever they want.”

According to its website, Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macro trends in science, technology, and society. The company creates solutions to improve the quality of life of people around the globe by generating clean, healthy energy and using it more efficiently.

For more details on IFTTT, visit this site.