HVAC/R Experts Trust TradePro’s Universal Fractional Horsepower Motors


TradePro motors are 100% tested during the manufacturing stage and re-tested after the final process of production. The motors undergo several types of testing – from input power, Hi-Pot (insulation verification), to continuity testing. TradePro motors require compliance verification of incoming raw materials for dimensional, mechanical, and other quality specifications.

TradePro products such as the universal fractional horsepower motors are available for purchase through Baker Distributing Company. Baker is a trusted name in the HVAC/R industry with more than 70 years of experience in the business. It has a wide range of product lines plus excellent customer service to satisfy the clients’ HVAC/R needs even after their product purchase. Baker’s large purchasing base provides competitive prices and volume discounts that allow customers to save money.

Features and Benefits of Universal Fractional Horsepower Motors:

* Rugged Ball Bearing – Such design can handle high ambient conditions and excessive radial and axial loading.
* Insulated Connects – Run Capacitor connections for condenser fans and direct drive furnace blower motors are insulated for enhanced safety.
* Reversing Leads – The electrical reversing of leads simplifies rotation direction changes.
* Self-aligned bearings – The revolutionary self-aligned bearing system does not need further lubrication and is capable of all angle mounting.
* Multi-Horsepower Condenser – Multi-horsepower motors are single speed with 2 leads that are designed to run at a range of load points that equate to the rated horsepowers.
* Condenser motor – Extended mounting bolts on the lead end of the motor. For shaft up application, simply reverse the direction of the bolts. Condenser models have Rheem side shell holes.

Motor Selection Guide: How to Choose the Right Motor

1. Identify the application if it is a condenser, air handler, or furnace.
2. Know the motor speed.
3. Determine of the original motor is Original Equipment or Aftermarket Replacement. – If the original capacitor is more than 50 percent larger than the suggested new capacitor, select the next size motor. A new capacitor rated per manufacturer’s specifications should always be installed.

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