Manage Your Production Center with Delfield’s Self-Contained Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table


The Delfield Company was started on Detroit’s east side in 1949 by Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield. “Delfield” comes from “Del” in DeLorenzo and “field” in Springfield. Since then, it has thrived in developing new technologies and innovations, catering to the changing demands and needs of consumers.

Delfield has partnered with Baker Distributing to further expand their product’s reach. Throughout their 70 year history, Baker Distributing has earned the reputation as one of the top HVAC/R distributing and sales companies in the United States. Baker Distributing offers a wide range of product lines as well as superior customer service. With leading brands in the industry, Baker Distributing has everything you need to grow your HVAC, Refrigeration and Food Service Equipment business.

One of the Delfield products that Baker offers is the Self-Contained Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table. This equipment meets standards such as keeping your production costs low, with high productivity. It also delivers quality products by having an integrated production center that boosts efficiency and production quality. In addition, Delfield also offers various options that allow the consumer to configure their pizza prep table to meet specific needs.

Standard Features of a Delfield Self-Contained Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table
– Top, sides, and ends are constructed of 18-gauge stainless steel
– Units are mechanically cooled with die-stamped openings to accommodate 12” x 20” hotel pans or fractional pans
– Pans are recessed 2” to provide proper cooling for NSF7
– High density, environmentally-friendly Kyoto Protocol Compliant, NON ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), Non GWP (Global Warming Potential) polyurethane foam throughout the unit
– Dart-style, quick-change gaskets
– Stainless steel, removable hinged covers
– On/Off switch and rail on/off is located behind the louver
– Front louver provides access and air flow to the condensing unit
– 8” long electrical cord
– Environmentally friendly HFC-404A refrigerant
– Three-year parts and labor warranty and an additional two-year compressor parts warranty

With over 200 locations in 23 states, each Baker Distributing Sales Center is staffed by the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented people in the industry.  With a complete inventory of HVAC/R products and technical assistance, Baker Distributing’s Sales Centers can provide you with the products and information you need to make your job more efficient. For more information visit (, or download Baker Assist App on your mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and cellphones via Google Play and Apple App Store.