Manage Your Zoning Solutions with Honeywell’s HZ322 TrueZONE® Panel


Honeywell develops and manufactures products that cater to some of the most crucial challenges on energy, safety, security, productivity, and global urbanization. Today, almost half of the revenue of Honeywell is related to energy efficient products. Honeywell also has programs that promote clean air and clean water for people to live safely and to have a more sustainable environment for the future generation.

Honeywell works with Baker Distributing Company to increase the availability of its products for customers. Baker is one of the most trusted distributors of HVAC/R equipment and accessories in the United States and has more than 70 years of experience in the industry. Baker Distributing’s large purchasing base provides competitive pricing and volume discounts that save customers money.

Honeywell’s HZ322 TrueZONE® Panel is one of the many products available at Baker. The TrueZONE technology was developed to make sure that the system operates properly and it can be installed quickly and easily. The HZ322 TrueZONE® Panel controls conventional gas, oil, or electric forced-air systems up to 2 stages heat and cool, heat pump systems with single-stage compressor and auxiliary heat, 2 or 3 forced-air zones with wired thermostats, and wireless thermostats with the help of a wireless adaptor.

Features of Honeywell’s HZ322 TrueZONE® Panel:
* Intuitive Installer Setup – Easy-to-follow, digital display guides the owner through the installation of HZ432 and HZ322 panels.
* RedLINK™ Wireless Technology – Eliminates pulling thermostat wires to the TrueZONE panel and allows additional comfort control with the Portable Comfort Control and Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor.
* Standardized Checkout Procedure – Assures that each installer checks out, in the same way, every time. It also ensures that all zones are operating properly and correctly.
* Robust Push Terminals – Cut wiring time in half compared to screw terminals. Wires also lock in to the terminals for a tight fit.
Common-Sense LEDs – Show the zones that are calling, what stage they are calling for (heat/cool) and when the emergency heat is on.
* Universal Application – Functions with almost any brand equipment for zone control of conventional, heat pump or dual fuel systems.
* Clean, Professional Installation – The patented wire channel allows the installer to run wires on the side, top, bottom or backside of the panel and wire anchors help hold wires in place.
* Smaller Footprint – All panels are just eight inches wide and can be mounted anywhere.
* Variable-Speed Fan Control – Decreases blower speed in cooling when one zone is calling.
* Discharge Temperature (DATS) Staging – Downstages equipment when discharge air temperature is near the limit or shuts down.
* Advanced Dual-Fuel Operation – Provides dual-fuel changeover according to the outdoor temperature and/or thermostat staging.

All Honeywell TrueZONE® panels have free homeowner literature, a personal-use program, and a 5-year warranty.

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