NY’s Energy Efficiency Programs Announced


For the past four years, 112,000 commercial and residential energy efficiency programs have been completed or are presently under development through New York state’s clean energy programs. This was according to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and he also said that the projects are forecasted to draw in $766 million in private investments and save clients $341 million on their energy bills annually. Building owners are said to be saving an approximate of $1,023 monthly while homeowners save an estimate of $56 every month on natural gas and electric bills.

Cuomo added, “Smarter, more efficient energy infrastructure is crucial to building a better future for New York state. We have made tremendous progress in creating cleaner and greener communities, saving hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers every year and jumpstarting major private sector investments statewide. Our administration is committed to ensuring a bright future for this state, and we will continue working to make that happen for all New Yorkers.”

The abovementioned 112,000 energy efficiency programs in New York is comprised of 90,000 individual homes and 22,000 commercial buildings that include hospitals, art galleries, office buildings, apartment buildings, and schools. The said projects are projected to decrease yearly electricity demand by 2 million megawatt hours per year. It is almost equivalent to saving adequate electricity to power over 275,000 average-size homes. They are also anticipated to decrease annual heating fuel demand by 9 trillion Btu, an amount that is equivalent to heating over 85,000 average-size homes.

The greenhouse gas emissions are also expected to be reduced through these projects by almost 797,000 metric tons every year. Such decrease in the amount of gas emissions aid New York to progress toward its mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 40 percent and decreasing energy consumption in establishments by 23 percent by 2030.

Cuomo mentioned in his State of the State address that New York is committed to increasing the energy efficiency of 500,000 households and 20,000 businesses in 2020. In order for the state to achieve this goal, it will invest a portion of its Clean Energy Fund to assist property owners and renters review their present energy use to determine energy savings methods and approaches and change inefficient systems and appliances with high-efficiency units wherever applicable of possible.

According to Richard Kauffman, the Chairman of Energy and Finance in New York, “Energy efficiency is a critical component of Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy and our mandate for 50 percent of our electricity to come from renewable resources by 2030.”