Report Shows Global Green Building Growth By 2018


Based on the latest World Green Building Trends Study from Dodge Data & Analytics that was conducted with the help of United Technologies Corporation and its UTC Climate, Controls & Security business, it was found that several companies that are involved in U. S. construction intend to intensify their involvement in green buildings within the next three years.

The study identifies the United States as a strong participant in the global green movement. The study was comprised of over 1,000 building professionals from 60 countries as respondents and it provides particular comparisons with 12 other countries namely India, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Singapore, Germany, and Colombia.

The report also highlighted that the U.S. construction should have an increase in the share of green work in the next few years due to the efforts of some companies to intensify and broaden their involvement in the green building industry. A growing percentage of the survey respondents said that more than 60 percent of their projects would be green projects – from 24 percent of respondents in 2014 to 39 percent in 2018.

Stephen Jones, the Senior Director of Industry Insights of Dodge Data & Analytics said, “The strong U.S. industry for green building projects is clearly an opportunity for U.S. firms, but so is the rapid rise of green in many of the developing countries. Expertise from experienced green designers, builders, and manufacturers from the U.S. is likely to be essential to support aggressive green building expectations revealed by the study respondents.”

In the United States, the highest percentage of the study respondents said that they look forward to working on new green institutional projects, new green commercial construction, and green retrofits of existing buildings in the next three years. With this, it makes the U.S. a leader in new green institutional construction and green retrofits of existing buildings.

More than 76 percent of U.S. respondents said that environmental reasons for building green are essential, almost double the percentage of the next most essential environmental factor, which is reducing water consumption.

United Technologies Chief Sustainability Officer John Mandyck said, “The survey shows that global green building activity continues to double every three years. More people recognize the economic and productivity value that green buildings bring to property owners and tenants, along with the energy and water benefits to the environment, which is driving the green building industry’s growth. It is a win-win for people, planet, and the economy.”

The study shows the benefits of building green, with median operating cost decreases for green buildings of 9 percent expected in one year worldwide. Establishment owners also anticipate a median increase of 7 percent in the value of their green buildings compared to traditional buildings. These business benefits are crucial factors for the growth of green building globally.