Resource Advisor Named Top Product of the Year Award


StruxureWare Resource Advisor, together with its Energy Performance Services, bagged the Top Product of the year Award in the Energy Manager Today Awards. This was announced by Schneider Electric about its energy and sustainability management software platform.

One judge of the Awards said of Resource Advisor, “Schneider’s Performance Analytics brings context to energy and sustainability information for users at multiple levels in an organization. This system uses core energy data and slices and dices it through its powerful energy intelligence engine recognizing trends and identifying opportunities for energy reduction.”

Designed to provide its users with a “shop floor to top floor” view of their energy consumption data, the Resource Advisor’s Performance Module allows the customers to view, interact with, and examine all their near real-time facility data in one single platform.

Schneider Electric’s Energy Performance Services (EPS) team also completes the Performance Analytics module by enabling clients to measure their energy data so that their facilities and assets will be more efficient. The experts in the EPS team use latest and advanced analytics to interpret client data into prioritized energy conservation measures and recommendations.

The Senior Executive of Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainability Services Steve Wilhite said, “Receiving this recognition by a panel of independent judges from a variety of industries is a testament to the robust functionality and capabilities of Resource Advisor and our services. We will continue to diligently listen to clients and the marketplace to further enhance our products and services and the ability to meet the needs of our clients.”

The Energy Manager Todays Awards is a program that recognizes excellence in services and products that give companies with essential energy management benefits, or in projects and programs carried out by companies that increased the bottom line and enhanced energy management.

The Publisher of Business Sector Media, the parent company of Energy Manager Today, Paul Nastu said, “We were impressed by both the number of submissions and the caliber of the entries in this first year of the energy Manager Today Awards. The winners showed an amazing variety in the way energy reductions and savings can be achieved. Energy management is a cutting-edge field in which to be operating today; the winners here prove that innovations are opening up vast new areas of potential for improvement and that companies are capitalizing on those opportunities in exciting and impressive ways.”