Rheem Receives ENERGY STAR 2017 Most Efficient Award for EcoNet-Enabled Gas Furnaces


Rheem recently announced that its Prestige® Series R97V Upflow EcoNet®-Enabled Gas Furnaces have been distinguished as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for 2017 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is the second consecutive year that the EcoNet-Enabled gas furnaces received such recognition. This product line was also awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2016.

EcoNet features an improved level of comfort control by integrating the heating, cooling, and water heating systems into one simple and easy-to-use interface. The modern technology provided by EcoNet lets you save money on your energy bills. Also, its sleek design fits perfectly in any home.

The following models will be featured on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient website:

Model Number

Capacity (MBtu/hr)

Energy Use:

Annual Gas Use (MMBtu)

Annual Energy Use (kWh)

Annual Cost (National Average)*

Lifetime Cost to Operate**

% Saving over Standard Furnace


R97VA060M317USA 56 97 47.3 234 $522 $9,399 21%
R97VA070M317USA 70 97 62.5 341 $693 $12,482 20%
R97VA085M521USA 84 97 77.9 442 $866 $15,590 20%
R97VA100M521USA 98 97 92.9 578 $1,038 $18,692 20%
R97VA115M524USA 112 97 103.9 673 $1,164 $20,958 20%


Features of Rheem Prestige R97V Series with EcoNet Control Center:

* Has a modulating gas valve from 40% to 100% of capacity and a variable speed blower provides ultimate comfort, quiet operation, and energy savings.

* Fully communicating EcoNet control provides advanced diagnostics and system information to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

* EcoNet control recommended for full functionality.

The ENERGY STAR program of EPA was created in 1992 to help determine the best methods to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more than two decades, ENERGY STAR has been the prime mover behind the extensive use of various technological advancements and leads in delivering technical information and tools that consumers need to know. ENERGY STAR’s little blue label found in products and establishments indicates that they meet the guidelines set by the EPA to help consumers save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency.

Rheem was established in California in 1925 by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem. Today, Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. In its 65 years, Rheem has been producing award-winning heating and cooling solutions and spearheads the HVAC/R industry in product innovations. In 2014, Rheem released the 90+ Gas Furnace Platform and introduced EcoNet, an exclusive integrated energy management solution.

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