Schneider Electric Announces Launch of Clinical Environment Optimization Solution


Schneider Electric recently announced that its Clinical Environment Optimization solution is now available. The solution incorporates hospitals’ clinical infrastructure with its facility infrastructure to enhance innovation at each level of the organization, and provide new alternatives for energy savings, patient satisfaction, and staff productivity.

A report from AchrNews stated that the Clinical Environment Optimization solution was created as an application for Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Building Operation software. It also allows interoperability between a hospital’s building management system (BMS) and its clinical scheduling, admission, discharge, housekeeping, and transfer systems. The occupancy status of the rooms of the patients and operating theaters with the establishment’s BMS can also be provided through the Health Level-7 (HL7) interface. The BMS assigns rooms to predetermined settings for HVAC and lighting when the room is empty for energy savings. The BMS then sets back to normal operation when it receives a notification that the patient will be returning or when a room has to keep the optimal temperature for the patient’s needs.

AchrNews also mentioned some of the main benefits of the Clinical Environment Optimization solution which includes the following:

  • Energy savings – Establishment owners or managers can lessen energy use in empty rooms and be aware of the best ways of setting room conditions.
  • Improved staff productivity – Maintenance and cleaning crew can be informed when they can proceed with their work in patient rooms when the rooms are vacant.
  • Patient satisfaction – Patients can state their chosen room temperature or manage it themselves through the use of a mobile app.

The Vice President for Global Healthcare Solutions of Schneider Electric, Michael Sullivan, stated, “Hospitals are one of the most energy-intensive buildings as they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and must follow strict lighting, heating, and air quality codes. With tight budget constraints and increases in patient loads, there has never been a greater need for hospitals to improve efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness across facilities. The new Clinical Environment Optimization solution helps healthcare facilities make smarter decisions about their energy use based on critical room occupancy data that previously has not been used to its full potential. The end result is a win for patients, hospital staff, and the bottom line.”

The Clinical Environment Optimization solution also boasts of other advantages such as easy to understand user interface, quick setup using the configuration tool, adjusting to the user’s preferred settings at the time of patient registration, setting maximum level of light for vacant rooms, and support for single buildings, campuses, or large enterprise-level healthcare networks.

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