Spirax Sarco 2016 Steam Energy Training Course Schedule Released


The 2016 schedule of training center courses that cover all aspects of steam energy has been released by Spirax Sarco. The objective of the curriculum is to give extensive understanding and knowledge as the keys to energy conservation and resource utilization. The training centers of Spirax Sarco are located in Chicago, Columbia, South Carolina; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Longmont, Colorado; and Houston.

Each course is specifically created for steam users who are involved in operations, engineering, and maintenance. The areas that will be covered by each program include operations, piping and process design, HVAC, energy management, process engineering, maintenance, and project engineering. The course will also cover the most modern technical developments aside from the usual and traditional applications.

The course for the classes in the 2016 schedule includes the following:

1. Heat Transfer Fundamentals
2. Fundamentals of Steam Utilization
3. Steam Traps and Condensate Pumps
4. Steam System Design
5. Pressure and Temperature Controls
6. Steam Traps and Condensate Recovery
7. Clean Steam Utilization
8. Metering and Industrial Fluids
9. Steam Utilization in the Hospital Industry

Spirax Sarco also does custom-design training classes for a small and large number of people to meet specific needs and requirements.

Based on its website, Spirax Sarco is committed to helping its clients improve their plant performance, comply with legislation, meet environmental goals, and stay ahead of the other competitors. The company has the expertise, resources, products, and services to help its clients achieve profitable growth – from designing, installing and commissioning new facilities, optimizing and upgrading existing steam systems, to maintaining plant performance through scheduled maintenance. Its website also stated that Spirax Sarco is the first thing that comes to mind when engineers around the world think of ‘steam’, mainly because of the company’s century of experiences and global presence with over 1,300 industry engineers in 34 countries around the world.