Sporlan’s 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valves


Sporlan has been an industry trendsetter for the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge HVAC/R components for more than 80 years. Sporlan credits its success not only to strong employee commitment but also to the staunch philosophy of its founders Harold Lange and Hermann Spoehrer. The two founders’ philosophy was to “Build well-designed, quality products, instruct on installation and application, service the product and the customers, and establish equitable, firm sales policies, but with the emphasis always on Quality.”

Sporlan partners with Baker Distributing Company in order to reach a wider range of customers and deliver quality products across the United States. Baker Distributing has been in the business for more than 70 years and has become one of the most popular and trusted names in the HVAC/R industry. Baker is known for providing HVAC/R equipment, services, and accessories with unparalleled customer service.

One of the many Sporlan products sold by Baker Distributing is the Sporlan 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valve. Heat reclaim is the process of reclaiming heat that would usually be rejected by an outdoor condenser. Normally, the refrigerant is diverted to an air handler in an area that requires heat. Heat reclaim is a means of providing a supplementary or even a primary heat source and can even significantly lower energy costs.

Advantages of Sporlan’s 3-Way Valves:
* Three-Way Pilot eliminates costly high-to-low-side leaks
* “B” Type reduces total installed cost by eliminating need for normally opened solenoid valve on systems requiring reclaim condenser pump out
* High capacity at minimum pressure drop
* Tight synthetic main port seating
* Easily mounted in vertical or horizontal line to simplify piping requirements
* Proven performance backed by Sporlan service, engineering, and technical support
* Standard solenoid coil available at any Sporlan wholesaler
* UL Listed file #MH4576, CSA Listed file #LR19953, CE Approved

Types of Sporlan’s 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valves:

* Operation “B” Type Normal (Outdoor) Condenser – De-energized – When the pilot valve is de-energized, high side pressure is kept from entering the cavity above the piston seat assembly. Pump out of the reclaim condenser is managed by the bleed rate through the piston. After the reclaim condenser has been pumped out, and the valve continues to operate in the normal condenser mode, thus eliminating high to low side bleed and the resulting capacity loss.
* “C” Type Normal (Outdoor) Condenser – De-Energized – The non-bleed piston does not allow high to low side bleed with the system operating in the normal condenser mode.
* “B” and “C” Type Reclaim (Reheat) Condenser – Energized – Once the pilot valve is energized, high side pressure is allowed to flow through the lower pilot port. When the upper pilot is closed, there is no high to low side bleed loss with the system operating in claim mode.

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