Spot Coolers are a necessity in an emergency situation!


Window-mounted units and larger home HVAC systems are the two main types of air conditioners that most people are familiar with. However, in an emergency, another solution for homeowners or commercial businesses might be to consider having a spot cooler that could work efficiently and properly to beat the summer heat during any emergency, such as waiting for an HVAC repair.

A spot cooler is a smaller-sized system that has wheels and can be moved from one place to another quickly. This type of air conditioner is easy to move, convenient for situations that require immediate cooling.

Refrigerative spot coolers come with a duct that runs from the back side of the unit and must be placed outside. This type of unit draws in warm air in the room and releases it outside as window units do. However, it lacks the cooling factor that larger window units have one of the major flaws is that it cannot replace the air that it gets rid of with cooler air. This means that it takes a longer time to reduce the temperature in the room.

On the other hand, an evaporative unit mostly depends on evaporation to cool the air. This kind of unit functions by making water evaporate on cooling fins, and the created vapor during this procedure aids to draw in heat and cool the room.

The Spot Cooler can be installed easily and can be transferred or moved from one place to another very quickly. This type of air conditioner is allowed in all residential and commercial buildings.

One example of a good spot cooler unit is the AeroCool Commercial Rigid Media Cooler, which is part of the AeroCool Series cooling solution for commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural facilities, and buildings that demand moving large quantities of fresh air. The process of directing water to the air inlet side results to cooler and consistent air flow with lower temperatures. Also, the industrial size blower wheel is dynamically balanced and paired with long-life ball bearings to ensure trouble-free operation.

Spot Coolers are a great option when faced with an emergency because they allow a business to continue its operations during an emergency situation. Make sure to analyze each type and choose the best one that fits your cooling requirements.