Tips to Keep Your Smoke Alarms Work Properly


One common and significant device inside any home is the smoke detector. We all know what smoke detectors are for, and almost all households and offices own one or more. We all know how it benefits us, but do we know how to maintain properly and check if our smoke detectors are still effective?

Arguably, many of us do not know that smoke detectors have expiration dates, and they must be checked upon purchase to know and be aware of when it will expire. Since the primary function of smoke detectors is to give us an early warning when there is a fire, knowing this important factor prevents having non-working smoke alarms that can cause further damage to a family or home.

Knowing some safety measures when it comes to installing a smoke alarm inside your house is valuable in making your home and family safe.

Safety Measures for Properly Maintaining Smoke Detectors

1. It is best to vacuum over and around your smoke detector on a regular basis. Dust can intervene with the alarm’s function so make sure that it is clean.

2. Checking the smoke detector every month is a good practice to keep your alarm to work properly. You can check yours by pressing the test button on your smoke alarm and blowing out a candle and let its smoke be detected by the alarm. The detector should make a sound within 10 to 20 seconds.

3. Change the batteries of your alarm yearly, or whenever you hear a high-pitched “chirp” indicating that the battery is low.

4. If you hear the alarm going off even though there is no fire or any trace of smoke, do not disable your alarm. Instead, try to find out why it makes such sound. Most of the time, the reason for this is that the alarm detector is near the kitchen. Attempt to place the alarm a little farther from the kitchen. However, if it still makes a sound even though you already relocated it, it may be a faulty smoke detector so have it checked and if needed, replaced immediately.

5. Smoke detectors are usually easy to install, but make sure that you install them properly to avoid malfunction and to utilize its use fully. Since smoke and other hazardous gasses rise, mounting them on the ceiling is advisable for faster smoke detection.

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