Top Features To Include in an E-Commerce Website


Setting up an e-commerce website is a vital step in taking a business a little further when it comes to online marketing. Therefore, it is important to know the crucial details and information that an e-commerce website must have, especially for those who are still in the beginning phase of building one.

It is known that today’s competition in any business is tough, and a company must take an initiative and effort to make their products and services stand out. Having a big budget is a big help to boost a company’s marketing strategies, but this would be useless if the company does not know how to utilize every little detail of their efforts.

Thus, the essentials of building an efficient and commercial e-commerce site must be a priority to maximize the benefits and profits fully that a company could get. For starters, here are some of the vital features and must-haves of an e-commerce website.

Fast Load Time
Make sure that you design a website that would load quickly because some people are not patient enough to wait for a site to load for more than three seconds. Try to consider the quality, size, and type of the images and other media files that you will upload.

Present Important Information About Your Products or Services
Marketing online is one excellent opportunity to show details that would convince your target market to buy from your website. Present the advantages of your products and encourage them to buy through your online shop to save time and effort. Having a Product Comparison feature will also let the potential customers evaluate and come up with a decision faster.

Create a Blog Connected to Your E-Commerce Website
Based on some statistics, an e-commerce site with a blog gets at least 55% more views than a website that does not have it. Blog posts are helpful to increase awareness of your business, and it generates higher website traffic, which is a good way to boost your Search Engine Optimization ranking.

Have a Customer Feedback Section
Potential clients will be more attracted to purchase from you online if they read some reviews from your past clients. Through this, you can build your image and reliability when it comes to handling your clientele. Make sure that you have excellent Customer Service and good products or services because this Customer Feedback Section can either make or break you.

Social Media Links
There is a high percentage of people who spend most of their time in Social Media so you better take advantage of this and put your effort where you can most likely get more customers. Set up Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Start by posting about your company and the products or services that you offer. Entertain inquiries from your subscribers and then direct them to your e-commerce site so they can understand more about your company.

Being visible online helps the company achieve its primary goal of making favorable revenue from their customers so ensure that your e-commerce site stands out from the rest. Apply these features and add a Live Chat feature where you can have an excellent Customer Service team handle the inquiries to make it interactive and more exciting. Click here to see Baker Distributing Company’s e-commerce website.