Types of Refrigeration Units for Food and Restaurant Industries


For most businesses, especially in the food and restaurant industries, owning a stable refrigeration system is one of the best ways to make sure that you serve your customers satisfactorily and plays a big part in keeping the food fresh and healthy. In return, customers will be fulfilled and go back to the restaurant, and they may even bring their loved ones along, which means bigger profits for the business.

However, one must still consider and choose the right type of industrial refrigeration system for his business. This is vital because it determines the size, style, and overall functionality of the unit in accordance with particular restaurant business requirements. To begin with, one must understand and be familiar with the different types of refrigeration system available on the market today. For a quick reference, the following are the most common types of refrigeration in the restaurant industry.

Reach-in Coolers
This type of commercial refrigerator varies in shapes and sizes. It comes in one door, two-door, three-door, and four-door varieties. They are usually upright and have solid and glass reach-in units. Depending on the model of the unit, reach-in coolers may have multiple sections.

Undercounter Refrigerators
These refrigerators are almost similar to reach-in coolers, but they are shorter, perfect to fit in smaller places and ideal to stores with lesser products.

Bar Refrigeration
Bar mixes, bottled beer, wines, and other bottled or canned beverages are usually stored in a bar refrigerator. There are also several types under this category such as plate chillers, keg coolers, and back bar refrigerators.

Display Refrigerators
Also known as merchandising units, this type has glass or open front doors design to display products and to keep the goods in cold storage and at the same time, project an attractive-looking display of certain products.

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