Utilize Comfort and Energy Savings with Zonex Digitract 4 Two-stage Heat/Cool Comfort Control System


Zonex Systems manufactures a complete line of zone control products such as 2-zone residential zoning system and Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, which can control up to 200 zones. The company continues to produce new products and enhance its current product line in order to meet the needs and trends of the HVAC/R industry.

Various Zonex Systems products are available through Baker Distributing Company. Baker Distributing is one of the leading names in the HVAC/R industry and a partner to many trusted HVAC/R manufacturers. Baker Distributing guarantees to meet the customers’ heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and food service needs with unparalleled customer service.

One of the many Zonex products available through Baker Distributing, is the Digitract 4 Two-stage Heat/Cool Comfort Control System. The DTGE4A is a microprocessor-based, auto changeover, two-stage gas/electric system controller. It supports a maximum of four zones utilizing pressure dependent, two-position motorized dampers. It is ideal for residential applications or smaller commercial zoning systems.

System Description of Zonex’s Digitract 4 Two-stage Heat/Cool Comfort Control System:
* System Controller – It monitors the air temperature, zone thermostats and manages the HVAC systems and zone dampers.

* Leaving Air Sensor – A sensor placed in the supply air of the System Controller. It monitors the supply air temperature of the HVAC system and provides the details to the System Controller.

* Balance Point – It locks out the compressor and enables gas furnace when outside air temperature drops below the balance point setting.

* Zone Dampers – Air valves placed in the forced air duct work for each zone.

* Zone Thermostats – It monitors the room temperature of each zone and compares it to the heat and cool setpoints stored in the device.

* Bypass Damper – A pressure relief valve placed between the supply and return ducts of the forced air duct work.

Features of Zonex’s Digitract 4 Two-stage Heat/Cool Comfort Control System:
* Four-zone auto changeover system, single- or two-stage
* Heat pump controller provides selectable fossil fuel control with optional outside air sensor for balance point temperature control
* Standard single stage gas/electric thermostats or standard heat pump thermostats for 2-stage compressor operation, plus auxiliary heat
* Initiate heating or cooling from any zone thermostat
* Purge mode
* Ventilation mode energizes fan from any thermostat
* On-board adjustable capacity control to protect compressor and heat exchanger
* Sophisticated capacity control allows the owner to control 2-stage equipment with singe-stage thermostats
* Simple home run wiring
* Extensive line of round and rectangular supply and bypass dampers
* Use on any size equipment

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