Utilize the Many Benefits of Siemens NEMA Starter Class 14


Siemens Corporation is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a leading global company that focuses on the electrification, automation, and digitalization industries. Siemens is also a top supplier of systems for power generation, transmission, and medical diagnosis, making it one of the largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies in the market. Today, Siemens has more than 350,000 employees in 190 countries and continues to manufacture devices with advanced features.

Baker Distributing Company is one of the pioneers in the HVAC/R equipment, parts, and accessories distribution industry in North America. Baker Distributing has a wide range of product lines with over 100,000 stocked line items from 500 suppliers and can help you find the tools or equipment that best suit your HVAC/R requirements.

One of the Siemens products that Baker Distributing stock is the NEMA Starter Class 14. Siemens NEMA starters are popular for their dependability and toughness. They are particularly designed for the agricultural, petrochemical, and other industries that require pump control.

Standard Features of Siemens NEMA Stater Class 14:

  • Rugged industrial design
  • Half sizes for cost and space savings
  • Dual voltage, dual frequency coils
  • Solid state or ambient compensated bimetal overload protection
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Easy coil access
  • Overload test feature
  • Straight thru wiring
  • Gravity dropout
  • Large silver cadmium contacts
  • UL listed file #E14900
  • CSA certified file #LR 6535

Advantages of Siemens NEMA Stater Class 14:

  • Gravity Dropout – The gravity dropout of the armature and contacts is assisted by stainless steel springs which help provide a quick and accurate opening of the contacts.
  • 45 Degree Wedge Action Contacts – It reduces tracking and provides quicker arc quenching.
  • Terminal Design – The control terminals are self-rising pressure type.
  • Molded Coil – The magnetic coils are cautiously wound and sealed in epoxy. This aids in sealing put moisture, promoting heat transfer, and resisting electrical, mechanical, and thermal stresses.
  • Dual Voltage/Frequency Coil – Starters are made to operate on either 50 or 60 Hertz.
  • Molded Stationary Contact Block – Thermoset materials resist arc tracking and the stresses of heat and severe impact.
  • Field Modification Kits – All NEMA Starters can be customized in the field with a full range of accessories such as push buttons, selector switched, pilot lights, auxiliary contacts, and surge suppressors.

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