What HVAC Contractors Need To Know About WiFi Thermostats


Wifi-enabled thermostats are predicted to surpass digital thermostats in the next few years, so more and more HVAC contractors are now making room and adding these devices to their product line-up. Because of its more advanced and more modern features, contractors should consider some basic points in order to provide the best and most efficient options for these products. They must also take advantage of this fast-growing product line to benefit from it and boost their product sales.

There are several energy-saving and user-friendly features in programmable thermostats that give convenience to their users. Some of these benefits include the capacity to adjust the temperature from anywhere and turn on or off the device by using smartphones, tablets, and even desktops. They give valuable data regarding energy usage and indicate when our energy use is the highest. They can also send email notifications when the home’s temperature has changed or is disconnected from its network.

To further profit from the popularity of WiFi-enabled thermostats, here are some points for the contractors to consider:

1. Cost and Sales Advantages – There are many types of WiFi-enabled thermostats depending on the needs and requirements of the customers. Shop and choose the available models or units in the market to get the most on demand and/or most practical units that are more sellable to the customers. You may also ask several wholesalers for recommendations on the best WiFi-enabled thermostats.

2. Easy Installation – although WiFi-enabled thermostats are kind of new to the market, it does not mean that these devices will give you or your technicians a hard time in installing them. There are some apps for these Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that will guide and help you with the online set-up.

3. They can be used to promote your business – When installing some WiFi thermostats, you can program them and include your business name, logo, and contact information. This way, the customers will have easy access to your business details when a time comes that they will need your services. They can also refer you to their friends or other people if they are considering getting such devices.

4. Minimal need for C-Wire – It is reported that more than 60 percent of American homes do not have a c-wire. But do not fret because there are some WiFi thermostats that do not require one, and you can still find ways and other equipment options about this to meet your customers’ requirements.

5. Undeniable convenience and comfort – Over 70 percent of WiFi thermostat users do not use the programming feature. Such devices let the users adjust the temperature quickly. It is one of the most advantageous features of programmable thermostats. This specific factor also allows the users to save on their energy costs and electric bills. Aside from these, they can also maximize and save time and do other important things, especially if they have busy lifestyles.

To date, three out of four households have WiFi thermostats. Providing more affordable options for these units is a good action to grow your business. Baker Distributing Company is one of the leading sales and distribution companies in the HVACR industry. Check out our website to find out the WiFi thermostats that we offer or look for other HVACR equipment that you might need.