E-Commerce Technology is a Vital Strategy for Business


E-commerce technology is a potpourri of hardware and software that provides information on certain products and services that is easily accessible to consumers from any portable device that provides the internet. It is ideal for business owners to understand that there is more to gain from e-commerce when growing their business and they should know how to implement e-commerce in B2B companies.

The Chief E-Commerce Officer of Insite Software, Minneapolis, Linda Toddonio said, “E-commerce used to be optional, something that was nice to have. Now, it is shifting to something that is a vital must-have for any business.”

She further explained that B2B e-commerce is quite complex, but it can be done and gives good results to the company’s earnings and credibility. For business owners who are considering starting an e-commerce site, Taddonio recommends the S.T.O.R.M. method – Strategy, Technology, Organizational change, Re-allocating resources, and Marketing. Of these, strategy is the most crucial in planning and developing an effective
e-commerce system.

“When working on your strategy, it is important to assess your current state and align your goals with senior leadership,” Taddonio added.

The e-commerce plan of a company must be reviewed and updated every three to six months depending on the progress of the website and the information that needs to be revised or updated. It is also important to determine multiple plans to help in evaluating the success of the site and in making financial decisions.

Taddonio also stressed the importance of e-commerce by quoting what Neil Ashe, the President, and CEO of Global E-Commerce for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. once said, “E-commerce is not a project, it is the future of the company.”

For a B2B e-commerce to be successful, Taddonio added that distributors need to consider and give importance to choosing their business partners. “You must partner wisely. You cannot do this alone. Acquire a core of partners that are in it for the long haul.”

E-commerce is truly an essential marketing approach that HVAC distributors and other companies need to incorporate as part of their marketing plan. This technology can also help business owners gain more knowledge in running their companies and fill in the knowledge gaps between the traditional marketing methods and the technologically-advanced e-commerce system.