Eaton Mobile Exhibit Tour To Visit Over 20 Cities in the U.S. This Year


Eaton is holding a one-of-a-kind mobile exhibit of electrical ingenuity to its clients across the United States.

In a report, TheNews published that Eaton’s mobile exhibit called “Industrial Controls in Motion” provides hands-on and empirical learning on-the-go. It presents a complete world of industrial control products and other upgraded energy efficiency devices to the public in a 40-foot trailer that presently travels across the country.

“Industrial Controls in Motion” makes it easier for the customers to be familiar with the benefits of the latest technologies. It also helps the consumers explore and understand the technologies in their full, real-world context by providing various fully functional and real-world environments for them to discover the advances in HVAC/R, pumping, process industry, and machinery applications.

Visitors can walk through the trailer and witness all of the Eaton innovations working live in both industrial and commercial application environments. The demos include the following:

  • Redundant variable frequency drive (VFD) HVAC system
  • Multi-pump booster system
  • Material handling conveyor
  • Mixing and separating process

The report also stated that an interactive Internet of Things (IoT) component enables the visitors to make their own fault situation and receive notifications on their mobile phones while they are deeply absorbed in the trailer’s like-like surroundings.

The interactive showroom aims to inform original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), commercial customers, contractors, facilities managers, end users, and other professionals working in HVAC/R-related industries about the newest industrial control advancements that could result to bigger cost and energy efficiency.

Visitors can also know more about the ways to meet energy-efficiency requirements, lower the cost of application, and simplify systems management.

The Commercial Marketing Manager for Controls and Protection Division of Eaton Tom Neuberger said, “Eaton is committed to helping our customers understand how energy-efficient controls can help them work smarter, cut costs, increase energy efficiency, and keep them safe.”

This exceptional mobile tour was first launched in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the 2017 AHR Expo three months ago. The tour will end in November with a final stop in Fresno California.

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