Features to Enhance your E-commerce Website


When you are running a business, you continuously find ways to improve your marketing strategies to reap better results for your company. This also applies to effectively maintaining your e-commerce website. You should be updated with the latest methods or new apps that you can incorporate into your website to attract more potential customers.

Below are some of the practical, yet convenient components that you can apply to your e-commerce website to make it more user-friendly and attract new customers.

1. Live Chat – Having this option lets your existing and potential clients immediately address questions or concerns regarding your products and services.

2. Abandoned cart recovery – This allows your customers to review the purchases that were put on hold and send a reminder about pending orders. Through this, customers can check, proceed, and confirm orders.

3. Referral programs – Customers tend to listen more to their friends or acquaintances when it comes to acquiring products or services, so make use of the referral program to woo more clients. Reward your customers when they refer friends, one method is by integrating a coupon in the order confirmation receipt.

4. Social media customer service – As your business grows and your social media accounts start to have more subscribers, it can be difficult to keep up with the comments, questions, and other inquiries. Engaging with your customers publicly not only answer their questions but also shows your commitment to your company and establish a stronger and more stable business relationship with your clients

5. Product suggestions – Customers who have already purchased something from your website are more likely going to purchase from you again if ever they need the same or new products that you offer, so it is important to give them product suggestions for their next purchase. This could be something that is similar or related to the products that customers have previously purchased, offering a similar product could increase your sales.

Integrating these additional modules to your site increases sales and will encourage your customers to visit your site for purchases more often. Enhancing your website with additional information ensures that you stay above the competition.