Fieldpiece Digital Manifolds, the SMAN4 – 4 Port Wireless Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge


Fieldpiece is a company that started in the founder’s garage in 1990, and its mission has remained the same. To provide instruments that HVAC/R professionals can trust to help them accomplish more. The Fieldpiece staff is committed to engineer and develop products, with more than half of Fieldpiece staff being certified HVAC/R technicians. Fieldpiece is able to continuously improve its products and create innovative systems that HVAC/R professionals need to perform their jobs easily, quickly, and safely.

Fieldpiece partners with Baker Distributing Company as one of its distributors in the United States. Baker Distributing is known for its excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and has been leading the industry since 1945.

Baker Distributing offers one of Fieldpiece’s innovative Digital Manifolds, the SMAN4 – 4 Port Wireless Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge. The SMAN4 is a 4-port, wireless digital manifold with a 3/8” port for faster evacuations and recovery. With SMAN4’s ports and a built-in vacuum gauge, professionals in the HVAC/R industry can evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, and dial in the charge at one time without the need to hook and unhook hoses.

Features of Fieldpiece’s Digital Manifolds, the SMAN4 – 4 Port Wireless Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge:
* Measures 2 pressures, 2 temperatures, vacuum in microns
* Calculates superheat and subcooling simultaneously, target superheat, and vapor and liquid saturation
* 3/8” Vacuum Port – The large 3/8” vacuum port and 3/8” full bore speeds up the evacuation or system leak test
* Wireless Capabilities – It receives indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb measurements from Fieldpiece heads through an ET2W or other wireless-enabled devices. It also sends measurements to the HG3 System analyzer for deeper analysis and data storage
* Temperature Solutions – Pipe clamps grip tight for fast and accurate measurements
* Display Designed for HVAC/R – It has a huge screen that shows the information that the user needs. It also has expanded temperature tolerances which allow testing in refrigerators and on rooftops. The display has a durable polycarbonate cover and bright backlight
* 4 Ports for One-Time Hookup – Connect to the high side, low side, vacuum pump, and refrigerant tank
* Alarms and Stopwatch – High and low alarms can be set to trigger at the micron levels preferred by the user
* Two-point Pressure Calibration – Calibrates the pressure sensors by aligning tank pressure and ambient pressure
* Front-facing hose seats to prevent dirt and grime from entering the manifold
* Mini-USB port for future firmware updates
* Sight glass to see the refrigerant flow
* Auto-Power-Off (APO)
* Carrying Case – Leave hoses and clamps attached and can be easily hung when not in use

With over 200 locations in 23 states, each Baker Distributing Sales Center is staffed by the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented people in the industry. With a complete inventory of HVAC/R products and technical assistance, Baker Distributing’s Sales Centers can provide you with the products and information you need to make your job more efficient. For more information visit (, or download Baker Assist App on your mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and cellphones via Google Play and Apple App Store.