Four Reasons why E-Commerce is good for your business


Big and small companies alike need e-commerce to boost not only their online presence but also their overall company image. Explore four reasons why businesses should consider being in e-commerce.

1. A report from e-Marketer shows that e-commerce is rapidly growing and will continue to become a trend in the coming years. It is forecast to peak at approximately $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018. In the United States, the market revenue is expected to increase between 11.6 and 16.5 percent of the companies’ total earnings until 2018. Statistics show that e-commerce is a great option for business owners who are trying to start a new company or those who want to diversify their business.

2. For some businesses, location is an important factor because it can make a huge difference when talking about sales and visibility. However, in e-commerce, you can sell your products globally just by setting up a storefront at your very own domain name. A domain name is used to identify particular web pages and it appears in the address bar of the web browser. It makes your web page easily registered with search engines and it will have a better position in some search engine listings. This makes it easier and simpler for the business to be recognized by its target market.

3. The tools for the e-commerce industry are getting a lot better over time, which means that there will be even more options or ways for the businesses to attract new customers. This ranges from selling platforms to SEO tools and marketing automation that even start-up business owners can do without breaking the bank. The hardest part of e-commerce might be the setting up the products, by categorizing products it is easier for the end user to find what they are looking for . It is a good idea to outline and plan how you want your e-commerce to look prior to the actual launch of the site. This is called a site map or wire frames.

4. Approximately, 80 percent of users online have made a purchase. This number is forecast to increase in the future as more online users are turning to their phones for e-commerce. Establishing the brand image and credibility is important to gain the trust of your customers. It is important to build a user-friendly website with security and privacy measures in place, be sure that you’re developing content that caters to your customers.

E-commerce is a marketing option that is worth considering if you want to introduce and build relationships with your present and potential customers. Once your e-commerce venture becomes successful, it might just provide you with the capital that you need to expand your business and move onto greener pastures.