Getting a Summer AC Check-up!


Summertime equates to good times and fun, but for some, it is also the time of intense summer heat. This is the reason why air conditioning systems are so important. When AC systems fail, enjoying cooler temperatures during the summer will be difficult.

Air conditioning systems are vital HVAC equipment and are critical to maintaining temperatures during the summer. Potential damages can shorten the life and efficiency of your HVAC equipment. To prevent system breakdowns it is important to seek maintenance on your HVAC System to ensure that it works properly during the summer months.

Previous studies, show air conditioners lose 5% of their efficiency annually, but regular maintenance and routine check-ups from an HVAC expert can help maintain as much as 95% of the systems’ efficiency over the lifetime of the system.

A maintenance call before summer is a better idea than actually having your AC checked during the hot season. Summer is peak season for the HVAC technician. Homeowners want their air conditioners checked to avoid living uncomfortably when the hot weather arrives. Most HVAC companies offer discounted rates for maintenance calls. The maintenance check is also an investment that could save you money, and oftentimes, it can result in lower service fees and energy costs.

Some of the basic routine check-ups that technicians inspect are the following:

Full inspection of operating pressures
Coolant level check and refill if necessary
Belt adjustment
Inspection of amperage draw of the compressor unit
Full examination of temperature levels
Cleaning of condensing unit coils

To take care of the air conditioners, there are also some simple ways to increase the efficiency of the system such as buying quality air filters and changing them when needed. Keep the area outside of the home clear of debris and do not block or close return outlets or supply air outlets.

With HVAC specialists’ regular maintenance check, we can keep our units working at its maximum efficiency and avoid breakdowns that may lead to repairs or replacements. By doing this, we can spend the summer season comfortably in a cool inside environment.