Panasonic’s WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator: Best IAQ Solution for Tight Homes


Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of powerful, energy-efficient ventilation fans that terminate unhealthy air from commercial and residential buildings. Panasonic is trusted by contractors, architects, builders, and homeowners because of the high quality of its products and the wide range of solutions it offers. Panasonic is the largest manufacturer of ventilation equipment worldwide and is known for offering the quietest ENERGY STAR fans in the ventilation industry.

Panasonic partners with Baker Distributing Company to reach more customers across the United States. Baker Distributing has been in the HVAC/R business for more than 70 years now and has remained one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Aside from the expertise that the Baker Distributing staff offers, Baker also provides competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

The WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) by Panasonic is available through Baker Distributing. The WhisperComfort model offers an innovative way to provide balanced ventilation. It is energy efficient, easy to install, and provides fresh ventilated air while maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). WhisperComfort is an ideal choice for a single room and multi-family buildings because it is designed to run continuously at a low CFM setting to exhaust stale air, moisture, and indoor pollutants.

Benefits of Panasonic Ventilation Fans:
* Certified and Code compliant – Panasonic ventilation fans are certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) and ENERGY STAR qualified. All models comply with ASHRAE 62.2, the ventilation standard required by LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR IAP, CalGreen, NAHB Green Building Standard, and Washington Ventilation Code.
* Powerful and quiet – The fully enclosed DC and AC condenser motors guarantee excellent performance and quiet operation at industry standard.
* Long life – Motors are developed to provide hassle-free, continuous operation for 30,000 hours on AC motors, along with rust-proof paint and galvanized housing.
* Easy Installation – Integrated duct adapters, adjustable mounting brackets, and fan motor units can be easily detached from the housing and uncomplicated wirings.
* Energy Savings – The wattage requirements of Panasonic’s ventilation fans are among the lowest in the industry which ensures low-cost operation.

Features of Panasonic’s WhisperComfort Spot ERV:

* Spot balanced ventilation – WhisperComfort uses two 4-inch ducts that exhaust stale air and supply fresh air from outdoors
* Low-rate continuous run ideal for multi-family dwellings
* Ideal for new air tight homes built to meet energy efficiency standards
* UL listed for ceiling or wall mount installation
* Exchange capillary core covers heat, energy, and moisture
* Balances air pressure inside the house – WhisperComfort is an ideal choice to satisfy whole house ventilation requirements under ASHRAE 62.2

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