Understanding the Benefits of Installing Hart & Cooley Aluminum Chimney Liner Kits


Hart & Cooley remains one of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC/R industry, with more than 100 years of experience. Hart & Cooley offers a broad product portfolio of grilles, registers, diffusers, flexible air duct, type-B gas vent, all-fuel chimneys, and chimney liners. Each product that Hart & Cooley develops is precision-engineered and tested to meet the most stringent standards and to ensure providing high-quality products.

In order for Hart & Cooley products to be available to more customers, it trusts Baker Distributing Company to distribute its performance-centered product solutions. Baker Distributing is an industry leading company that sells HVAC/R equipment and accessories across the United States. Baker Distributing was founded in 1945 and has continued to provide customers with extensive product lines, excellent customer services, and competitive pricing for the most well-known and trusted HVAC/R brands.

Hart & Cooley products are the contractors preferred choice for every job, due to their high standards and superior performance. One of the many Hart & Cooley product solutions that Baker distributes is the Aluminum Chimney Liner Kits.

The Hart & Cooley Aluminum Chimney Liner Kit features the following:

* Kits include flexible length, round top, flashing, mortar guard
* Standard kit lengths of 15′, 25′, and 35′
* Available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” diameters in both kits and 10′ extensions
* 10′ insulated sleeve has tough polyethylene exterior (sold separately)
* Extension kit includes Flexi-Liner with attached connector and fastener package
* Pull-downs stretch and lead the Flexi-Liner down the chimney
* Liner Material Aluminum 3003, 2-ply (0.005” each)
* Maximum Flue Gas Temperature 470°F
* Stretch Ration 5:1 (approximate)
* Clearances 0” between liner and chimney interior 0” between combustible materials and chimney exterior
* Liner listed to UL1777 and ULC-S635
* Compatible with Type B gas vent systems
* Lifetime warranty

Specifications for Flexi-Liner Gas Appliance Chimney Liner System:
* Type – Flexible, corrugated, double-layer, single-wall chimney liner, round
* Application – For venting and category 1 gas-fired appliance (natural/negative draft, non-condensing) into masonry chimneys
* Size – 3” through 8” diameter
* Material – 3000 series Aluminum, 2-ply, each ply is 0.0055” thick
* Clearance to combustibles – Zero air space clearance between the liner and the chimney interior. The masonry chimney may also have a zero air space clearance to (direct contact with) combustible construction and the chimney exterior surface.

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